Wednesday, March 17, 2010

A Back Rub

I wrote yesterday that Gabe has been having some issues with the energy level, most of it stems from his sensory issues. After writing to the online support group that I am in, an idea given was the back rubs with a ball. Sam loved this idea and could not wait to try it out (After all he is Gabes biggest target, so anything to calm him.)
He was waiting patiently for one of the daily back rubs from Sam in the top. The bottom on he was relaxing in his bed for one. Ahh the life. This is one of the balls that Sam uses for the back rub. Gabe loves it.

This is how he always looks when it is all done. However it does change when Sam tells him it is done for now.
Then he begs for more from him. That face usually earns him 2 back rubs a day.

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