Wednesday, March 03, 2010

A Bath Mat...

I know that I just posted a really big craft project yesterday but I forgot to put this one in. I was really proud of how it turned out so I wanted to share.
I was looking for a new bath mat for our bathroom. Since our bathroom has a monkey theme (I know, monkey theme, were on earth would we get that idea, LOL) I tried looking for a monkey one. The only ones I could find cost alot more then I was willing to spend. Then I saw this, perfect idea to make it exactly what I wanted.
The whole project did not cost much at all (the solid colors were leftover from the boys halloween costumes, and one monkey pattern was left over from another project.) All I bought was 1/4 yard extra of fabric, and I ended up with a little left over of that. For the underside I took an old towel and cut that up. I love how it turned because in the past I have always had a hard time lining up the squares and look how good they came out this time. Yeah me!!! I know I am a big dork. LOL

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Halloween Costumes said...

How creative you are! That is super cute! My sister would just love that. She is loves monkeys!