Tuesday, March 02, 2010

A Crafting Bonanza.....

One of the many things that I have been doing to fill my time is crafting. As you can see I have been keeping myself very well occupied. Here are some of the projects that our family has made since Janruary. As I type this I realized that it is not actually everything, I forgot to take pictures of some things. Hopefully soon I can figure out how to put tabs at the top of the page and make this in to seperate pages. (schooling, crafting, recipes, ect...) until then I am going to put them all here, hope you do not mind.
The first project here is a ball that I made for our friends baby. He is a year old so this ball was a lot of fun for him. As you can see I made it a tag ball but it is also a crinkle ball. I took an old cereal bag and cut it to the same size as the fabric pieces and then sewed them in. Once finished I turned it and filled it with stuffing and sewed it closed. Makes for soft crinkly fun!
This is another idea that I made for him too. We actually had alot of fun and got to babysit him the other day. While he was here I wanted to let him be a big boy and sit in the chairs like my boys. Unfortunetly he is still too small to sit by himself. That is until I saw this idea, and since I do not have a high chair for him this was perfect. I had to try it. I put Gabes monkey, apple, in it to show you how it looks with some one it. It worked out really well over all, the baby had lots of fun it.

Well this is one of the presents that I made Gabe for his birthday. I saw the idea for this pair in this book. (Side note-this book is great, I got it from the library. I really want to own it now.) Ok back to the project. She talks about using bed sheets to make it. Which was great because the boys hate using the flat sheets on their beds, so I have a bunch sitting in my closet. I can actually get two pairs from one sheet (boys sizes that is). I took some spare fabric that I had lying around to make the cuffs on the pants. I also made some pockets for the first time, which if I do say so myself it came out pretty good. Gabe loves them and pretty much lives in them. Sam thought they were so good that he brought me his top sheet and asked me to make him a pair. LOL
Well reading my blog you know my boys love lessons where they can get up and move, or board games. In this project I combined both for them. I had a full size flat sheet and sewed numbers on it that were made from felt. Also spaces were included to have them going ahead or back spaces to. They love it. We can turn any subject into a game with this board so it is fun for them.
This project was made by Sam. He made it for his step grandmothers birthday. For christmas he got this book and while flipping through it he said "that looks like something Sarah would like." He called his Papa to see what type of fabric she would like. This is what he choose. I think it looks great. We were informed that Sarah took it took work and all the ladies were jealous that the boss had to go out and by them aprons too. Sam was pretty proud about that.
This is a projet that I made with Gabe. Trying to think of an idea of what to make with him we came across this idea. He really wanted it, but instead of buying it I thought we could make it and save some money. So this is our version of it. I think it turned out pretty good. It is even reversible. This is what it looks like with out the animal.

This is something that my Dh made. Reusable produce bags, The directions are right here if you want to make some too. I really have to make a few more because they are wonderful and I never seem to have enough of them. It is so nice not to have to deal with those yucky plastic bags.
Also I learned to knit. Still not very good at it, but I am getting there. This is one bookmark that made for the boys. I truthfully have not had a whole lot of time to get to the knitting over the last few weeks, but that is something that I hope to fix very soon.

With all that cold weather that has been going around some of those low temps even hit us here in south Florida. Well it is something that we are not us to so the boys did not have alot of warm clothing. We decided to make them some fleece robes. I had a pattern to make the robes. They were supposed to open in the front, but the directions were written so poor I could not figure out how to do it. Now come the modifications, It became a pull over. Once I changed that part the whole thing came out smoother.
Sam's as you can tell was up in the top pic. His favorite color is orange so we made it orange and trimmed it with some really cute owl ribbon, which he loves. Gabes is the yellow one, his favorite color, trimmed with some adorable monkey ribbon. Shocked you that it is monkey on his. LOL.
I had to share this because he was to cute posing. The boys both love their robes. Sam will put his on when he is relaxing reading. Gabe sleeps in his every night.
I almost forgot to share the pockets. As you can see they are very important part to little boys.
Sorry that this post was so long. I just really wanted to get caught up on it. From now on I will post projects as I finish them. There is definetly alot more projects on the way. I have come across so many wonderful crafting blogs out there. I can not wait to show you some of the amazing project that I have found. Until then happy crafting.

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