Saturday, June 20, 2009

A little adventure with our library......

When we signed the boys up for the summer reading program, we got a nice little surprise. They partnered with some of the local museums to give out free passes. Each branch of the library has a certian number of passes so it is first come first serve. The cool thing is that we can get a new pass each time we go in. So here is to a really fun summer.

Before heading off to our first place we took the boys out to lunch. Trying to stay occupied during the meal they decided to each thumb wrestle their dad, at the same time. It was quite funny. The boys were actually playing against each other at the same time too. Oh my crazy kids. LOL. Then off to our first pass, The Schoolhouse Children's Museum. A very cool place, it was built back in 1913.

When you first walked in you were greeted by Neil Armstrong. The boys thought that was wonderful.

Our first stop was in Water World. It was one of the favorite places for the boys. Sam loved pretending that he was driving the boat. Gabe loved running through the Mangrove, because he could come out the slide at the end.
"Trapped in the Mangroves" LOL

Sam hanging out high above the mangroves.

Then we went over to the mainstreet. The boys got to pretend that they were doctors and so much more. Sam loved playing in the post office.

They got to fill up their car with gas at the market.

Gabe loved playing the store clerk.

This train was really neat, all of my boys loved playing on it. You could ring the bell on the outside. Then on the inside the kids were able to pretend that they were really driving (with seats for the parent to relax)

Then there was the whole farm that they could play with. As you see Sam was not to impressed that I got a picture of him on the cow. LOL

This was a fun thing. Gabe was actually explaining to one of the ladies that he was to big for it, he was showing how high his knees went. LOL.

The boys loved water world so much that we had to go back there. That poor gator did not stand a chance against my boys. :)

They had a light house there that if you knocked on the door this guy popped out telling the history of the Jupiter lighthouse.

Outside there was a really neat playground. We wanted to let them play longer on it but unfotunetly a thunderstorm started coming in.
We defenitly want to head back to this place, loads of fun.
Check out some of the other places that we may make it to this summer
So do you want to share in our adventures with us? :0)

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