Thursday, June 18, 2009

T-Shirts for the boys

Hello there. This his Heather's husband, Rob. I made t-shirts for the boys. I used the same technique as the onsies posted on February 19th. The first t-shirt was for Sam. He asked for a camel. This was one of the hardest I have done, because of using a dark colored shirt. I tried painting the orange on but the blue kept showing through. I ended up pouring the paint in and trying to flattening it with a knife. I thought it came out pretty good. Sam likes it, which is what is important.

Next is the T-shirt for Gabe. He didn't know I was making this. I used a yellow t-shirt and painted on the the autobot symbol to represent the Transformer Bumblebee. I think this came out great and Gabe absolutely loves it. I don't think he wants to take it off.

Hope you enjoyed.

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