Monday, February 02, 2009

We are still alive, I promise!!!!!!

Sorry we disappeared for a few days. We have just been so busy. All weekend we tried to spend as much time together as possible because tax season has officially started. We did some wonderful family time and spent the day yesterday at the Miami Zoo. It was such a wonderful day. Then we also have so many projects going on right now. Gabe's Birthday is next week and we are trying to make most of his gifts. Then also our friend is having a baby shower next weekend. She asked us for one thing, but of course we are doing so much more than just that. Who can stop at making just one baby item. I will share pictures of some of the items that were made after the shower. I am also trying to make the lesson plans for the month to. It has been a little on the crazy side around here the past few days.

We did take today off because the boys (me too) were very tired from yesterday. So the following shots are of some of the activities that they did today.

Dh teaches the science and on friday's he has science experiments. He is going to start letting Sam do the experiments every other week. He gets to come up with them and then teach everyone. Today he spent some time trying to come up with his first one. This one is one that he found in the back of the newest family fun magazine. I will show pictures on Friday if it works for him.
Gabe spent alot of time playing on his leapster. We gave him Sam's old one yesterday and he loves it. He has already spent hours playing with it. When he is not playing with it, he is at his table playing with all of his toy animals on his table. He loves playing that he has his own zoo.

In honor of groundhogs day, Sam made a lapbook all about groundhogs. He started this project a week ago and worked so hard to finish it in time for today. He did such a great job on it.
I promise to be back soon. I have a lot to share book list, fact list, school plans, some projects that we are working on and probably more. Have a great night and I will share again soon.

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Kate in NJ said...

Great book!! If you had told me, I could have sent him pics of "our"
groundhog..or the guy in th next town who has a "pet" one like P. Phil in Pa, ;-)