Friday, December 05, 2008

School at the zoo.....

Yesterday we took the boys to their first homeschool class at the zoo. The boys had so much fun. Unfortunetly it was the last class until the spring. Sam is already saying he can not wait until the spring, so that he can go to class again. The boys were in two seperate classes but we did manage to get some picture if you want to see them.

Gabe's Class was about invertabrates. At first the class started off showing different invertabrates, such as a live trantula. That of course freaked Gabe out. I understand though because I was a little nervous of it. It was in the cage the whole time to though. LOL. Then she showed lots of different exoskeletons, which were really cool. At the mid-point the class went outside to have a scavengerhunt for invertabrates.

Now time to explain the photos from his class. Dh had the camera in Sam's class so we did not get pictures of Gabe's begining. Dh joined us when we came in from the scavenger hunt. For the last half they showed animals that eat primarily invertabrates.
This picture was of my brave little boy touching the most adorable little hedgehog. After all the kids had a chance to touch it, she set her down so she could feed.

Oh look how cute that little screech owl is. The owl was very talkative during the class because she did not want to be awake.
It is hard to see in this picture but she has a really cool lizard on her arm that is from the middle east.
In Sam's class they talked about porcupines and hedgehogs. Here are some of the pictures that dh took of the porcupine.
The kids in Sam's class they kids made some fruit kabobs to feed to the porcupine.
It was a really great day. The boys had such a great time.

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Looks like a good class.