Friday, December 05, 2008

Eku Odun Ebi Jesu

The season is finally upon us that I love so much. The time to decorate for Christmas. Oh I love this time of year. It is so much fun. We found this great book at the library this year. It goes right along with our around the world studies for school. Our friend Kate is having a Holiday Decorating Party over at her blog. So we wanted to share some of our projects that we are doing. It is each Friday until January 2 so make sure to look over there and see everyone else's wonderful decorations.

Our first stop on our world tour of the Christmas Holiday had us landing in Nigeria. Oh yeah I guess I better translate the title. It is pronounced "EH-koo oh-DONE eh-BEE hay-SUE", This means "Happy celebration on the birth of Jesus Christ" in the language of Yoruba. A tribe in Nigeria.

The project that they share in the book is decorating palm branches. The Nigerians actually decorate palm trees instead of evergreen trees at Christmas. They believe that palm branches are a sign of peace and a symbol of Christmas.

Sam took on teaching art class today and I think he did a wonderful job at it. Don't you? :) Sam's palm branch is to the left and Gabe's is on the right side.

Make sure to check back for our next stop on the world tour.


My Inspired Heart said...

Oh My....that book looks like a ton of fun! I need to look for it on my next trip to the library :)

Kate in NJ said...

Thanks for participating Heather!!
I love that guys do the most fun crafts!