Tuesday, December 02, 2008

A Photo Recap

We have been missing for a few days. I hope that everyone had a great Turkey day with your families. Ours was wonderful. Leading up to the day we took a bit of time off from school work. There was some learning going on just nothing official. But we are back now so I thought that I would share some of the fun with you.
There was some sea shell washing to get off all of the beach sand. It made for a great life skills lesson and sensory lesson. Of course it was tons of fun. They played close to an hour.
Then for another life skills lesson Gabe feed the monkey. He loves this game. We got it from Lakeshore learning. He uses tweezers to grab bananas and feed it to the monkey.
The kids joined in on an online project. They are making ornaments to swap with other kids from around the country. I will post pictures when they are completed.

We baked some fresh bread. Gabe is really good at helping me in the kitchen. He is getting to good at it. I get a little bored waiting for my part, so I tend to cause trouble. Like this time with the Flour fight. HEHEHEHEHEHE. Trust me the kid got me back pretty good. What can I say, I like to have fun.

Practiced writing some letters. A lady in one of the online groups I am in made these great cards and shared them. How great is that. Sam even wants to practice writing his letters on them now. That is so great.
The worked on www.iknowthat.com and learned about animal habitats. In the picture they are sharing the headphones to listen to the different sounds that animals make.
Waiting so patiently to kick my butt at multiplication war. And he did kick it pretty good. I am very proud of him for that. :)
A sensory project of golf tee hammer. The one side is filled in with clay and he takes his little hammer and gets the golf tees pushed in. Today he worked on making letters out of the golf tees. I love when I can sneak in extra classes.
To leave you with one final thing is a kids say segment. This morning the boys and I were talking about when I was pregnant with them. I told them Gabe use to stick his toes in my ribs and Sam would try to stand up all the time. I said that they use to torture me pretty good. Sam's response was "momma we still torture you pretty good." I could not agree more but if this is the torture that I will get for life, I will take it.
Ok I have been missing from commenting on other peoples blogs to. I promise that over the next few days I will make my rounds. Until then I hope everyone is having a great day.


PisecoMom said...

Looks like you've been having a great time! I love the idea of the golf tees and *clay* set up. We've long pounded golf tees into styrofoam or floral foam, but it's messy and one block of foam only lasts so long. Clay is the perfect solution! Thanks!

Kate in NJ said...

Looks like a fun week!
I always enjoy the pictures of your boys "learning" together.
They are sooo cute!