Saturday, November 08, 2008

Learning and some fun....

Pictures to share with everyone. We have been having a fun yet busy week. We have finally gotten things under control around here. The boys are pretty much finishing their work every day. Then we are still having a lot of time to do fun things. So it has been fun times. The other day Rob and I got busy so Sam decided to play Monopoly Junior with his little brother to keep him out of our way. Such a sweetie we have. I think that he is finally learning that if they let us just get our work done we will have more time to play with them. Now if only Gabe would learn this we will be golden.
We finally finished up with our study of China last week, so this week we started on Japan. The boys are pretty excited about this. In this picture they were looking up items to put on a timeline about Japan's History. I love the look on Gabe's face. It is looks like "Are you serious, did that really happen?"
For each country Sam assembles a big map that he can lable the largest cities and landmarks on. Gabe does not have the focus to do one that size so I give him a small one that he can color. He was so proud of this one because he wrote Japan all by himself. His writing is definetly improving, still got a ways to go on it though.
I love this picture because it shows how close the boys are. If I was working on a project I would have a problem with someone working that close to me. These boys love it. They enjoy being so close to each other.
When I see pictures like this it makes me so proud yet a little sad. I am proud that he focuses so well now. He has matured so much. It makes me sad though to see how fast he is growing into a young man. The sad part of that last statement is that he is only eight... I know I am such an emotional sap. :)
We worked on patterns for math with Gabe this week. This was such an easy project to do. I took pipe cleaners and put on pony beads to make the pattern. Then he had to recreate them. It was a great project not only for logic skills but eye hand cordination as well.
These two pictures were one of the life skill lessons that they did. This week was working on cutting. Rob thought that it would be fun if they made their own paper dolls. They loved them. Sam made hippos for his and Gabe made some cut little men.

Studying Japan, one activity we obviously will be doing is origami. The easiest one to start with was paper planes. Here is Gabe with the one that he made with his dad. As you can see he loves it.

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