Monday, November 03, 2008

Blog Love....

Ok I gotta say that I love blog world. Just when I need a pick me up, I get one. Piesco mom over at Mind Games gave me this award. How sweet is she. Of course I would love to give it right back to her. Well even though she gave it to me, I am going to give it to her to. I have a few others that I would love to give it to.
First is Kate. If you need to know a special holiday, she is the one to ask. You can find so many other great educational items there to. Also if you want ideas on what you can do to help save the earth, definate read there.
Ohhhh then there is Mrs. Darling. She has so much wonderful advice to give out from education to cooking. She has been a great help at taking away any excuses for not being able to do something.
Then finally there is Nina. If you need a wonderful book for your child check her out. With her learning list I find many wonderful ideas that I can do with my boys.


Kate in NJ said...

((BIG HUGS)) always come along with a "pick me up" when I need one. Thank you, my do the same for me!

kesha said...

Teaching my kids at home has been challenging and rewarding. Some days it’s a joy as I watch them learn or discover something new, or get excited about a small science experiment. Other days it seems that I’m constantly on their case to do work, or even to just clean up.And so this year home-schooling was the best option for our family.



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Anonymous said...

Heather, thanks so much! It's amazing how much I have learned from blogging. I do love to share what I know and hope it is a small contribution to making the world a better place.

ITA about Kate and Mrs. Darling as well. :)

Sorry I didn't see this before. I've been a little distracted lately but hope to get back into reading blogs and commenting. :)