Monday, October 13, 2008

Unplug your Kids

Ok I hope that I was not missed to much (hehehe). Well I am determined to get caught up on all of my entries by the end of the week. So what better place to start than today Unplug your kids project. The theme for this weeks was smooth. The boys actually came up with their own projects this week. Sam is up first.

He built the Temple of Zeus out of Clay and tongue depressors. I love when he gets up early and does these projects. He wakes me up to show me and there is such pride. Just look at the photo below and see.

Well little Gabe decided to do something with yarn. Do you see that little sneaky grin. He was making a Giant cobweb through the whole apartment. Here are a couple of shots below of some of the areas that he got. He actually hit both bedrooms, the hall, Livingroom, and managed to tie his big brother up. Needless to say Gabe had a good time.

Hope that you enjoyed our projects. Make sure to check in next week for the new projects. The theme is wax. Until then check over here for everyone else's project.

Also I will be back tomorrow with a book list and some photos from the last week to share, if you want to see.


Bobbie said...

what a nice mom you are to let them put that string everywhere!!! love this :)

Frankie said...

You let your kids have so much fun!!!

This was great.

Anonymous said...

That spider web project looks so fun. I was just thinking the other day about how it would be fun to make a gigantic spider web out of yarn as a group activity.

Anonymous said...

What is it with boys and string? My son loves making "spiderwebs" and tying things up too. Very funny!

Sam's Temple of Zeus is impressive. What great ideas they dreamed up! I love stopping by your blog, because I never know what the boys will be up to.

As always, thanks for taking part!

Kate in NJ said...

I missed you!!
P loves tying everything up too..what's with that?
DH has fallen into a couple of her "webs"
I was much more amused then he. ;-)