Saturday, October 04, 2008

A recap.......

I thought that I would share some pictures from the week that I have not had the chance to share yet.
Gabe has bubbles for some of his Sensory work. I fill a bowl with water then put a squirt of dish detergent in it. Give him a straw and let the fun begin. Of course at this point he wanted a snack. Bubble blowing makes him hungry. LOL
We worked on Globes with both boys this week. Sam spends time just researching the countries. His globe is interactive so he can learn a lot of different facts about each country. Very fun for him. Gabe is interactive right now to but we are just working with him on learning where each continent is right now. We actually made up our own continent cards so he can locate them on the globe.
The boys each palyed scrabble this week. Sam played online. There is a version called Great Wall of words. With each word that he spells he gets to help build the Great Wall of China. He loves it and it gets him to practice his spelling so I am happy. Gabe played Scrabble Junior with me. It was fun, he loved the fact that he won.
We spent time making decorations for Halloween. We have not finished the pumpkin project yet but I will post the pictures of the finished product soon. Until then look here to see what we are trying to do.
Of course we even had the occasional work sheet thrown in. Ugh we all hate worksheets here but unfortunetly we can not get away from them sometimes.
Then of course there was plenty of goofing around too.
I try hard to make every subject as fun as possible for the boys. This year though I have had problems with Geometry. To make it fun and challenge them enough was difficult. I found this kit though and so far so good. It looked like so much fun that DH even had to try it and it challenged him a little. (you have to line up pieces just right to go together)
Then on to another Game with Gabe. The roll and read game. See the smile on his face, that is because he is once again beating mommy. Well that was our week. How did your week go I would love to see.

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reprehriestless warillever said...

Are they painting their pumpkins black?