Thursday, October 02, 2008

My Little Baker

My big guy here loves to try making things in the kitchen all the time. The healthier the better for him. I am a very lucky mom. He has never been the kind of kid that makes the kind of food that you have to grab something to settle the stomach. Well I have mentioned that we have been trying to make alot more of our food homemade. This morning I had to do some baking but honestly did not feel up to it so I asked Sam if he would do it. He said sure, and look what he made.....
Fresh bread. All by himself to. I kept telling him if he needed any help just ask. He never did though. It is so pretty, he did such a good job. He said that he hopes it is gone by this weekend so he can teach his Dad how to do it. What a great kid right.

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Robin said...

Great job!!!! What a terrific baker he is becoming. Bread is a challenge for lots of people. He must be so proud of himself for doing it all by himself.