Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Time to play catch up. Oh yeah and a book list.

I know I was supposed to post this yesterday, sorry. I was not feeling to well yesterday so I did not get around to posting. I am feeling better today so here you go. First up is the recap of the our week. I do not have to many pictures because we went away for a few days so we did not do much school work. We did have lots of fun though. LOL
This picture is actually from about a week ago. We went to the local zoo for our field trip. To try and change it up alittle so that we do not get bored all the time we go, we did a scavenger hunt. Rob and I split up, each taking a boy, and we had a list of animals to find. Once they were found we needed to take a picture to prove we found it. Gabe did get a little easier list to find, so that it would actually keep him interested. He found the praire dogs. The poor guy is all muddy because it had been raining. Gabe wanted to give him a bath badly. LOL. The boys had a great time woth the scavenger hunt and can not wait to try it again.
Our big thing for school this week was that Sam learned to use the sewing machine. He is so excited about it. His first project was to make his Mimi a travel pillow. It came out great. My boy is growing up so fast. :(
To top off the crazy week we went over to the Tampa area for the weekend. My Grandmother came down from Maine for the winter. While we were there we went to the The Florida Aquarium. The boys loved it because they have never been to an aquarium before. Gabe saw this penguin sign and wanted to play with it. Of course Gram had to join in, she likes to have fun like that.
There was lots of fun areas for the kids to play on. For example these Hermit Crab Shells. They had to smaller ones to that Gabe loved to curl up in.
The boys posed with their Uncle Matt on the entrance sign. It was a giant sting ray above them, really neat.

This sting ray impressed Sam the most out of all the animals. It was so large.
The Storytelling Princess by Rafe Martin. There is a princess and prince that are told that are to married to each other. They both do not want this to happen. They want to marry someone of their own choosing. Finally the prince agrees but only if someone can tell him a story that he does not know the ending to. The princess says that she rather be washed overboard than to marry someone she does not choose. Guess what that wish comes true. Do you think they find their true love, you will have to read to find out.
Moonpowder by John Rocco. Sam asked me to post this one because he thought that it was really sweet. In it young Eli Treebuckle could fix anything. The only problem was he was having problems sleeping. He would bad dreams every night. So he stayed up all night fixing things. That is until he finds out that the The moonpowder factory had broken down. This is why he is not having sweet dreams. There is no moonpowder to make good dreams. Only Eli can fix it, or can he. Read it to find out.
The Hungriest Boy in the World by Lensey Namioka. Jiro is a little boy that would put anyhing in his mouth. One day he even put a hunger monster in his mouth. Then the trouble begins. He can not get enough food. He would eat thru fishing nets, his blanket, everything.
Find out how his family ends up fixing this problem. Hotel Jungle by Donna Jo Napoli and Shelagh Johnston. A very cute story about slowing down and going with the flow. Two kids go on a vacation at Hotel Jungle and they write to there friends to tell them how wonderful the hotel was. The friends decide to convince their parents to take them there, and they agree. In the meantime everyone leaves the hotel that is there, including the staff. They go on a cruise for a whole week. This leaves the hotel unattended and the Baboons take over. When the new family shows the baboons have completly taken over and show the family the time of their lives.
I hope that you enjoy all of these books. Have a great day and I will check in with you all tomorrow.


Kate in NJ said...

Looks lovely!!
P would love that aquarium!
Great Books as always, can Sam come teach me to sew? lol

Rockin' Moroccan Mama said...

I love how you and your husband came up with that idea about the scavengar hunt. We too get bored with our zoo. The sting ray would be Zach's favorite to see as well. The aquarium looks very cool. Also wanted to add your book post looks like so much fun. What a fun week.