Sunday, October 09, 2011

The Pumpkin Patch

Last weekend we decided to take the boys to the farmers market were they set up all kinds of fall fun.  When we got there we decided to start with the hay ride. 
Rob has been working seven days a week for a few weeks so the poor guy is really tired.  He decided to close his eyes for a little bit. 
And yes I am even sharing a picture of me.  Just do not mind the squinting eyes.  It was really bright out.  How could I not share though, one of my favorite people are in it.  My cutie pie Gabe that is.  :)
There is my other favorite guy way down on the other side of his sleeping father.  Love that smile of his. 

We even got to see some wildlife on the ride.  The tractor driver stopped so that all of the kids could see him.  Pretty cool.  There was actually two of them on the ride.
At the end of the ride he dropped us off at the pumpkin patch.  In Florida it is just to hot for pumpkins to grow.  To give the leafy green that you see there, it is cucumber plants. 
They had plenty of spots for photo taking to. 
This was a sweet little bridge in the middle of the corn maze.
The dragonflies were all over the place there. 
My three guys picking out pumpkins.  We can not wait to go back again.  Next time we might even hit up the haunted house.

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