Friday, January 07, 2011

A visit with Grandpa

So this is a really overdue post (He visited just before Thanksgiving, oops)  Better late than never right.  I figured that since the big gap that I had on here was during the holidays I would try and share the fun things that we did during this time.  So what better place to start than Grandpa's visit.  This was my Father in laws first visit so it was really special for the boys.  We tried to pack alot into the week that he was here because of that.  They wanted to share all of the fun things that they love to do, this was such a small percentage of them that they can not wait for his next visit.  I thought that I would share some of my favorite pictures from the visit.
This was at the Zoo.  They loved taking him around and showing himall of the favorite animals.
Gabe got a chance to show Grandpa how well he is doing with his reading now.
Of course we got a chance to eat out too.  We ate at TooJay's deli, coconut mounds cake, yummy :0)

I think that my favorite part of the whole trip was our trip to the park.  It might be because it was my first chance to experiment with my new camera, yeah that could be the reason :0).  I mean check out these pictures of the kids.
I love the profile shots when they do not realize that I am taking it.  They are more natural, and I get so much better shots.
I have no idea on why this on tipped to its side.  It did it when I loaded it on to blogger.  Oh well, look at that face, love it.
To sweet holiding grandpa's hand on the nature trail. 
Gabe got daddy in on playing.
Enough room for all three of my favorite guys.
I wanted to share some of the nature shots that I got on that day to.  This was of the snapping turtle in the nature center.  I love how it came out you can not even tell he is underwater.
Just a body of water on the nature trail, really pretty.
One of the other ponds on the nature trail.

I was playing with the zoom on this.  It is probably one of my favorite shots that I ever took, and it was totally by accident.  I was trying to see how far I could zoom and take a picture of the bird house (brown blur in back).  Instead I got this shot of the tree.  I was impressed with how it looked on the camera but then I got it home and on the computer and happend to notice the dragon fly on it.  How cool is that, I know I get excited pretty easily. 

OK that is it for now, I know it was a long post.  I am going to try and get some more up this weekend of the other things that I missed.  Also look for some cool stuff coming from that talented husband of mine.  He got the book, 365: A daily creative journal, on new years and has been working on his projects from it.  He plans on sharing them on here, yeah!

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