Wednesday, July 01, 2009

A summer camp update

I would love to say that last week went so wonderfully that we accomplished everything. That would be telling a story though. We did have one day that went really though. It was a day about monkey's, so of course it was a good day.

I printed out some monkey mask for the boys to color. They loved doing this. Gabe is in the picture above and Sam is below.

Once they decorated the mask they played like monkeys. I got a video that I was thankfully at able to post. It is at the bottom.

Of course I have to add in another picture just because Gabe loves to give me a reason to use my camera. We bought this bucket for the boys to move toys back and forth from the living room to their bedroom. DH put wheels on it to make it easier to move. As you can see though Gabe had other ideas on what should be moved in it. He actually put his foot through the bottom. silly boy.

This weeks school has gone alot better. We seem to be getting everything done. This is one of the projects that the boys have done. They made an ocean play set for themselves.

I also wanted to share a picture of one of the boys new favorite things. This rug, the boys play on it everyday. They play school. How cute is that. I first saw it over here and knew that I had to have it for them. If you want it too check over here.

So that has been a little bit of what we have been doing. What has everyone else been doing with their summer?

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