Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Cooking with my Boys....
I try to do as much cooking with the boys as possible. I think that it is a great skill for them to have and they have so much fun while doing it. It is a win win. So the other night when I needed to make supper the boys went right to work to helping me. I needed some fresh herbs for the recipe so Gabe went out and cut some for me. The rest of the meal I got to make on my own because I put Sam in charge of making the dessert. They made upside down pineapple cake. Very yummy!

To save some time he used a box mix for the cake. He got all of the ingredients for the cake out and got right to work.
He even got a little assistant of his own. Such a cute assistant, don't you think. LOL
Together the boys spread out the brown sugar over the butter.
Then Gabe laid out all of the pineapple.
Sam took out the cherries for him and remved all of the stems. Then Gabe put them all into the pineapple rings.
The cake was so good. Unfortunetly the boys did so good that there is nothing left. It was such a fun time. Sam kept telling me that he loved making the cake and he also said it was his favorite part of the day.


Kate in NJ said...

That is Farmer Dad's favorite desert!
We try to make it for him once or twice a year. I used to make it all from scratch, and he kept telling me
it still wasn't quite the same (read not as good as) as the one the older women he worked with made it(She just retired last year, so no more competition,lol),I asked him to get her recipe..she wrote down "Duncan Hines".LOL

Rockin' Moroccan Mama said...

LOL Kate that is hilarious. ROTFLMBO!!!!!!!!!
Heather it is so sweet to see them helping. It amazes me when young teens can't make anything??? DD has been helping me ALOT in the kitchen. It has been a great bonding expericence. Sam is such a great older brother and Gabe seems to be a wonderful helper.