Wednesday, May 07, 2008

More From Sam's Birthday....
We tried to keep a few surprise's for Sam on his birthday this year. To start off with he liked the idea of being able to pick out his own gifts. So we gave him a budget to get ehat he wanted (he wanted fun school supplies) LOL. Of course we could not let his birthday go by without giving him some gifts to open. So that was the first surprise. Well the homemade chocolate chip waffles were, that is something else though. Then we told him that we would go to the grocery store and get some sandwiches and have a picnic by the fountain with daddy for lunch. All a lie, a good one though. When we reached the grocery store we told him we had a quick errrand to run first and went to were we really were going to have lunch...


He was pretty happy with that because he loves Australia and anything to do with it. After that daddy offered to drive us home before heading back to work. Well that was the next surprise Daddy took the rest of the afternoon off. So the one place that Sam really wanted to go was the library. He thought that we were going to go then. We told him that we did have to make a quick errand before we went (another lie) . He just finished reading Nim's Island so we took him to see the movie. Great movie by the way. They had some fun at the theater towith the displays.
Well we did actually have one errand to on this day. Gabe started taking dance class last weekend so we had to stop and buy his new shoes. He takes a class that they do both Tap and ballet. Take a peek at the video below to see him in his very favorite new shoes. So funny. After getting the shoes though we did take Sam to the library like he wanted. Then we just went home and some family time. It was a really wonderful day!

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