Thursday, May 17, 2007

Well another thing that happened in our absence was that Sammy went and turned 7 on us. I thought that they were supposed to stop getting older at some point.LOL. I guess just wishful thinking. It was a wonderful day. His uncles came over and spent the weekend with us. I let him go on to and pick out what cake he wanted. He wanted to have the Hawaiian Beach theme. Here is what our cake is looked like when we were done. In case anyone was wondering those are teddy grahms swimming with tubes and gummy sharks. He loved his cake.

Here are a couple of shots of him opening his presents. His Little brother was in the bottom one. He wanted to help open the gifts so bad. Every year I try to give a wow gift, something they do not ask for but they still say wow when they open it. Well this year I was so proud of my wow gift it only cost .99 and he loved it. I bought him a grow your own watermelon kit. Everyone in the house can not wait. We want some fresh watermelon. I think we are going to wait awhile though. Oh well it is a fun project.

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