Thursday, March 08, 2007

Our Boats!!!
The online homeschool group that I am apart of thought it would be fun to see how everyone made boats. You could use anything from around the house. So here are some pictures of ours. The first one is of all three of my guys. The little ones were making theirs and Daddy thought that they were having fun, so he decided to come up with one of his own. He gave a good try but the boys actually stayed together better than his did, He is a very good sport about it all.

Sammy actually made two different boats to see what would work better. He said his favorite part was making the fising pole for it. (after all what boat is complete without there very own fishing pole) Well we took the boys down to the pool before bed so they could try them out. So below is a picture of sammy setting his for a sail.

And now here is Gabe's boat. He had a wonderful time with the whole project but he much rather swim in the pool. Which is what he ended up doing, crazy kid.

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Fun Mommy of 2 said...

i love your boats. i wil show to ds tomorrow and have him make boats. I know it's a little late. i was feel really crabby the last weak and got reallllly sick, hmm no wonder I was crabby.LOL So now I am up and running good as new and can't wait to do boats. I love your blog. keep posting.