Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Sam turned 12 ..... wow

Wowee your turn your head for a second and your baby turns 12.  I do not know who told him he could get so big but he went and did.  He is now almost my hieght, his shoulders are getting so broad.  Guess I better get use to it. 
 His birthday went really well.  He had a lot of fun.  Whad his gifts in the morning for him.  Gabe gave him the new Serpents Shadow book.  The really special thing was the horse that he made for Sam out of peg beads.  It was completly his design and he did it all by himself.  Sam recieved a few different books.  His favorite item though was the calligraphy set and his new legos.
For his outing we went to the movies.  The Avengers opened that weekend so we went and saw that.  He even had a new Avengers shirt (made by is dad) that he got to wear.

Tomorrow I am going to start sharing the photos from our trip to St. Augustine.  Great trip!

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