Sunday, June 10, 2012

Dance Season 2012

Oh things have been so crazy around here especially over the last month and a half.  I wanted to share photos of the biggest things that we have gone through during that time.  There are alot of them though so I thought I would break everything into multiple entries so people are not so overwhelmed, because there is ALOT. 
I thought that I would start with the photos of dance this year.  The boys just had their recital yesterday.  It was a great year for them and it was wonderful to see everything they learned this year.  I plan on breaking this into the todays sections of the photos that they had done at the studio, plus two more sections.  I am going to share the photos that I took of them in their costumes plus the videos of rehersal practice.

Sam in his Tap costume.
Sam in his Acro costume.
Sam in his Ballet costume.
Gabe in his Jazz/Ballet costume.
Gabe in his Acro costume.
Gabe in his Tap costume.
My handsome boys. (Tap costume)
Gabe and his Jazz/Ballet class
Sam and his Ballet class.
Sam and Gabe with their Acro class
Sam and Gabe with their Tap class.

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