Monday, October 18, 2010

Our halloween swap...

My friend Mamagames over at mind games set up a Halloween Swap this year.  It was alot of fun.  We got a really sweet family up in Ohio for our swap.  Here are some of the pictures of the great stuff that they sent to the boys.
The sent a package of Twix (yes we could not wait to get into them, yummy).  A pumpkin Spice granola,
some cool orange bowls.  Then a really fun ice cube tray, skull heads.

They also sent along a few things to play with.  A pirate play set, and a kitty mask (as I am typing this I realize that I forgot the Knights shield,oops)  Some glow in the dark braclets that Gabe is very excited to try.  Finally they sent a book to Sam.

A really great package as you can see.  Thanks so much to our swap family in Ohio.  What is everyone else doing for fun this halloween.

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caroline said...

I'm glad you liked everything. We got our box last week. Thank you very much, the girls loved it. I blogged about it here: