Sunday, April 11, 2010

SpellQuizzer -- Review and Giveaway

Hello long time no chat. Well I am back with someting real good for you. One of the things that I love about the blog world is that you never know who is going to read it. Since I have started the blog I have had a couple of chances to review some great products, and this is one of them, SpellQuizzer. This is all because of the blog. I am very thankful for these oppurtunities.

Now for the review. As a parent, education is one of our main concerns for our children. We know that if it is not fun they are never going to want try it. Then that makes it hard for them to learn anything if they do not try. We are always on the lookout for ways to make it fun for them. An area that has been hard for us to make fun is spelling. Well that is until now, The SpellQuizzer is changing that. It is not a game but a way for the kids to hear their spelling words. You can take your list of words and record them in the program with sentences so the kids can also hear how they are used too. The thing that my kids find fun is that it gave them a way to have their dad be apart of their lessons. See he is an accountant so this has been a busy time of the year for him. It keeps him away from the boys a little to much. He recorded the list for them and made really silly sentences for each of the words. They loved it because they felt like dad was here doing it with them. The thing I loved is that at the end they have chances to retry words that they missed. Also if you go to their site there is communities where you can discuss things with other parents. You can even upload their list to use.

If you have not heard of them you should really check them out they are great. Better yet they are giving me a chance to giveway a license to their program. Want it here is what you can do, first leave me a message on here. If you would like some other chances though go to facebook and become a fan of them or write on your blog linking back here. If you do either of them, or both, please make sure to come back here telling me what you did so I can give you entries for them too. I am going to hold this open until next sunday. I will announce the winner on Monday the 19th. So good luck.

Edited to add... Since no one signed up yet for the giveaway I am going to extended it to monday the 26th... Make sure to sign up, it is a really great product.

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nickandkatherine said...

Hi. I would love to win this for my 9 year old daughter. Shea has soo struggled with reading and spelling.