Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Dragons, Transformers, and Ponchos

Our project for today was for our world studies class. They got to make ponchos from Mexico. They had an absolute blast making them.
I picked up a bunch of muslin the other day cut pieces down to make the poncho for the boys. I then gave the boys fabric markers to let them design their ponchos. I would have loved to see the ponchos with a more authentic design but I NEVER put a stop to their creativity so.....
We got the dragons and transformers. They are just to cute. On the front of Gabe's is the movie version of bumble bee. Sam drew different dragons. The thing that I love is that these are free handed by the boys. I never helped and they turned out great. They are becoming quite the little artist.
I thought I would share a view of the back of their ponchos.
Tomorrow I will share a video of their project. The boys are going to play animal charades for gym class. I will make sure to get a video because a it should be very entertaining.

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