Monday, November 02, 2009

Day Of The Dead Crafts...part one

We started our unit study of Mexico with the start of November. This timed out nicely because November 1st and 2nd is the "Day of the Dead" celebration there. The boys are having so much fun doing the crafts for it.
This is Gabe with his monkey. One of the projects that I wanted to do was decorate some skulls. I found some Paper Mache Skulls at Michaels . I painted them white in preperation (they were tan).
Then the boys started painting them.
Daddy even joined in and painted too. *smile*
Gabe thinks that he is scary with the mask so he has been working on that scary creepy laugh. Too funny, the kid cracks up people more than he scares them. LOL
Here are the completed mask. Sorry about them being turned. I tried to fix it but the computer would not agree with me.. This first one is Sam's Mask.

Second in line is Gabe' s mask.

This is DH's finished mask.
Last but not least here is mine.
Gabe also found a project to make a skeleton from a book of crafts (shown below).
I also have included a couple of videos of Gabe playing with some of the projects.

This video is of him trying to scare us with the mask.

Here he is showing you his skeleton that he made.

Now the books that we used to honor this holiday...

First is Clatter Bash! This book was so cute. It shows how the festivities go. A very easy read, great for younger kids, but my boys even enjoyed it. Great for all ages in my opinion ( I kinda Liked it too) LOL.

This book is filled with a lot of great ideas for kids to make.

I am going to post the rest of our projects tom... stay tuned for the sugar skulls....

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