Thursday, September 17, 2009

A repurpose for a.....

Shower Curtain!!!!

I admit that most of my ideas that I get for the boys are usually some sort of adaption that I have found on some one else's blog. I know shocking right. LOL! Well on occasion I have come up with a few of my own ideas. This is one of them, I call it Continent Hop.

We have been working on Gabe learning his continents and he done really well with it. We thought it was time to start teaching him what was located on each continent now. Gabe needs to have lessons where he can move. That is where the shower curtain comes in. It was still in good shape (all of the hook holes had ripped off) so I decided that it would make a great game board.
Sam thought the game looked like so much fun that he asks if he can do it to, even when it is not on his schedule. This made for a challenge because Sam is really good with geography so we had to make it challenging for both the boys. Dh made some wonderful cards of country flags for Sam (it proved to be a real challenge for him) and then I had some 3 part cards of landmarks from around the world that we are using for Gabe.
This game has been a lot of fun for both of the boys. They look foward to having geography class all the time now. Off to see if I can repurpose anything else. Oh I wish that was true, so much other stuff needs to be done first. I promise though that I will definetly share anything else that I repurpose. Have a great day.

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