Friday, September 04, 2009

A clean up of the boys room....

This past weekend we took apart the boys room and reorganized it. It took us the entire weekened but I think that the end result was worth it. I have the before and after pictures to prove it. LOL....
This is their room before. Who knew that two little boys could make such a mess. I promise that I have had them clean their room everyday.
This is a shot of our living room after we emptied the boys room, so much stuff, arrgh!!!!

Now the after shots.... The boys loved setting their beds in the new spot. As you can see they are a little on the tired side, so much work.
Their closet.....after
The toy section.....after
The play table section.
The boys are having a great time in the room because they have everything in reach. They also learned a lesson about being a little more on the diligent side of cleaning. They do not want to go throught that again.


Kari said...

so...was there a pile of giveaway by the end? where's that picture??? I always enjoy the piles that go OUT the door when we reorganize!! and of course they are sooo pleased when all the little pieces and treasures are rightfully returned to bins and buckets and sets!
good work!

Wendy Hawksley said...

WOW! That was a highly ambitious project!

My sister also has 2 boys and when it gets out of control in their room, she does the same thing.

This is great - now everything is in order and I'm sure your sons don't want to clean out the ENTIRE room again. LOL

Amber said...

OH my! I bet you all slept well that night! My girls share a room but thankfully the room is so tiny they don't have much in it to mess up (I am sure that will change by the time they are the age of your boys).

Teachyourchildtoread said...

Wow that makes my 17 year old's room look almost sane! Big job there.