Monday, December 31, 2007

Ok I hope that we have not been missed to much. It has been awhile since I updated about the boys and everything that has been going on. This has just been over the last week. Oh so crazy busy around here. So I have a long entry to share. Lots of Photos yeah!!!!!!

Well over the holidays my mother came down from Maine to stay with us, So we were very busy getting ready. I got these pictures that I thought were so cute. Sam my ever helpful son helped Daddy clean out the car. He has been scared of the vaccum but he actually used it here abd vaccumed out the trunk. His little brother though insisted that he be outside to watch. As you can see though he did not stay watching, But his dinosaurs did though. He is just to cute.

Believe it or not we did manage to get some school work in for Sam. He made his first lapbook. He did Christmas around the world. We found some really interesting things, like in Russia they have not even celebrated yet. They celebrate on the 7th of January. They follow a different calendar then we do. The type of it is slipping my mind right now though. Interesting stuff though we plan on having him expand on it for next year.
We let boys open up one gift on christmas eve. This year we did it a little earlier in the day because we wanted them to have a chance to play with it before bed. It was a good thing that we did though becuase this is what Sam opened. It was a gift from Gabe, A K'nex ferris wheel. He loved and had to put it together right away. He did do most of it but daddy helped a little.

Here is a shot on Christmas morning opening their stockings. As you can see Santa went a little educational on Sam. He got a hand held hangman game to practice his spelling. Gabe of course was very attracted to the gummy savers.

Time to open Santa gifts. Santa gives one big gift to the each of the boys each year. This year Sam asked for an educational globe and Santa got him one. He was very pleased. Gabe loved it so we went out and got him the junior version. That made him even happier. His Santa Gift though was a building center and he loved it.

Gabe loved his new building center but the box was really special to. As you can see he was very comfy in it. Sam was still very much in love with the globe but that was not een his favorite gift. His grandma and grandpa got him this and he was through the roof for it.

This was what Gabe got from Sam. Gabe is always stacking things and calling it the Leaning Tower of Pisa. So Sam decided to get him these building blocks which are amazing.

Our big family gift (thanks to my parents) was a new treadmill. The boys love it. They are on it all of the time. They even gave me an i-pod shuffle so I can enjoy music while I am excersing. What sweet boys I have.
I have to say next to the treadmill the most popular thing was the new Kapla blocks. They have been so busy building with them this week here is just a few of what they built.
"The Robot"
"The Tower"
"The Duck"

Well if you are still reading this thank you. I know I can be a bit long winded. Now that the holidays are winding down things can start to get back to normal around here. That means more posting. YEAH!!!! I hopefully will have a new book post tomorrow. Happy Holidays and best wishes for a new year to your family from ours.


Frankie said...

Happy New Year!

Great gifts! Looks like you guys had a fun Christmas.

Can Thomas come over and play? He'd have a blast with your boys, even though he's a little older. (Plus it looks a heck of a lot warmer where you are than where we are. lol)

Shari said...

Hi! I just came across your blog and enjoyed reading. I too, have a Gabe, and a James (they will be 6 in 6 weeks). I've been thinking about those kapla blocks for their birthday. They look like a ton of fun.

Kate in NJ said...

I'm with Frankie, we want to come too! lol
I'm glad the boys enjoyed their gifts so much..I would too! ;-)
I'm so glad you're back..I've missed you!

Rockin' Moroccan Mama said...

What wonderful gifts. Zachary enjoyed looking at their gifts as well. He kept saying , oh wow cool. Very neat gifts.