Monday, December 17, 2007

O.k. This week I did not get a chance to get over to the library. I did get a chance to stop into the bookstore though. I got all of these wonderful goodies for only 20 dollars.

First up is "Annie's Solo Mission". Gabe loves this show, rocket is his favorite character. Well in the story Annie has to save all of of her friends and the kids reading the book get to help. They have to know what letters certian words start with and then so some counting. A really great book.

Next is "Our Presidents Sticker Fun". Sam absolutly loved this book. He sat down and did it with in a couple of hours. It is filled with facts about presidents and a bunch of stickers to match up to it. Overall a pretty cool book.

Then we had a couple of "SCHOOL" (hehehe I love being able to say that. Homeschooling is great.) books. First there was " The Seven Continents of the World Jigsaw book". This is really neat because each page had a different puzzle plus facts about the continent. Next was a spelling book. It has 24 different cards to spell out words. It also comes with foam letters for him to put into the cards holes. This was called "Little Speller!" very cute. Then the final one is "Counting Jigsaw book and Floor Puzzle" It is a nice book for kids that are still working on early counting.

I think that the best part of the day there was that the kids were so excited to be there. The book store for them is like a candy store. Hope you all enjoyed and I will have new library post next week.


Kate in NJ said...

I have not been to the book store in a very long is worst than a candy store for me..I cannot control myself.
I have been sticking to the library and Freecycle for book additions.

Heather said...

I know, same here. I actually have to make sure that there is no money in my pockets when I go in because I can not say no to books. Thankfully my dh can so he controls the money in there.