Saturday, June 16, 2007

My library stash.
I got some really great books from the library over the weekend, so I thought that I would share. The first book that I got was "Gigi and Zachary's Around-The-World-Adventure". This is a look and find book. If you want to learn about items and cultures from around the world this is really good. I was learning things that I never knew before. LOL. The second book in the picture is "Can You See What I See---Seymour And The Juice Box Boat". This book is made by the same people that wrote the I SPY books. This also happens to be one of Gabes favorites this week.
Here are the books that I got for the education side. We are trying to expose the boys to more art. So I got "Who And When? Impressionism and Postimpression---Artist, Writers, And Composers". Then trying to get more activity into the boys we got "The Ultimate Homeschool Physical Education Game Book". This book has some really great ideas in it and I can not wait to get started on it. Then we of course had to get a science book. "101 Great Science Experiments--A Step By Step Guide". Lots of really great ideas in this book to.
This is the section for just the really fun books to read. First up "Leonardo the Terrible Monster" . This book was really cute. It is about a little monster that wants to scare someone really bad. When he finally finds someone to scare he feels bad and they become friends. the next book is "Alberto The Dancing Alligator". Then I got the "Disappearing Alphabet". This is a great book to introduce some really fun words to the kids. It shows that if letters disappered you would no longer get to say those words. We also got "Pirate Bob". Then the final one was "Who is Driving?" This book is so cute. It is one of my favorite. Each of the pages has about four different animals all dressed differently. They ask who is going to be driving the car and the kids guess by how they are dressed. Of course they find out by the next page if they are right. All right I think I am done about books.

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