Saturday, June 16, 2007

My Goodies
We went out to run errands today and noticed that the local craft was going out of business. So of course we had to stop since the entire store was on sale. so here are some of my goodies that we got.
I got a few wooden shapes to paint and write there names on for my youngest so he can learn to read. I am going to put magnets on the back for him to be able to play with them on his board.
The boys are really into birds (mostly Gabe) So they decided to to get their own little bird houses to paint.
We have decided to try and teach Sammy how to do cross stitch. We thought that it would be good for his eye hand coordination. Gabe thought that he should have the new tractor.
We also got a ton of new brushes and paints. Lots of fun.

I also got these new trays to use with the boys for school. I am going to paint them a bunch of bright colors. I am like a kid on christmas morning at a craft store, so much fun.


Kate in NJ said...

Ooh, how fun!!
Love the trays!

Kate in NJ said...

We went to Rag Shop Yesterday, and picked up a tray and a few other things...all of them are going out from what I understand.