Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Some Graphing and art....

I am so pleased with how well this week is flowing along. In the past the kids have usually fallen behind and I am stressing how to get them caught up.  Well they have already gotten lessons done from tomorrows plan.  The only one that is falling behind is me.  The kids are moving along so quickly I am having a hard time getting to my stuff.    Now I just have to figure out how to get them to get their work done and get mine done at the same time. Well that is a problem this momma can deal with.

Todays lesson was about math.  Sam's lesson was not that exciting to show, it was just a worksheet.  However he was excited to do it because he is learning about the metric system, something he really wants to do. I will share his lesson on it next week because it involves food.  Yummy. 

Gabe as you can see from the following pictures he really enjoyed the lesson for him today.  We started working with graphs.  We focused on making different types.  First I read The Tally O'Malley book to him.  It was a cute little book that showed about tally graphing.

Then he was so excited to get started.  My silly little boy just really wanted to eat the Willy Wonka Randoms.  He started out by grouping into all the different colors.  There was five groups including a group of multi-colored ones.
He then started taking each color and breaking it down to be easier to count.

After he got his totals he started making the graphs.  He made a tally, bar, and line graphs.

Well then the fun really happened.  He got to have a snack and be silly of course.  The top one incase you can not tell is a monkey head.  Then he tried to be so sophisticated with a mustache.  Yup we do laugh a lot with this little guy around here.

This was the lesson that they did that was for tomorrow.  We got the book 52 art lab for kids from the library.  The first lab was about conture drawing.  They did not really follow the lesson to well but I love the end results.  Sam is on the top and Gabe is on the bottom.