Thursday, September 11, 2014

Another productive day here for school.  The boys are keeping such a good pace that they able to keep the day light by choice. They had sculpting with clay.  Which they where to choose a land mark from around the world to sculpt.  Then to bake banana bread.  That is it, a nice simple day.  They actually where able to start on tomorrows work too.  We got a chapter of story of the world in for tomorrows lesson.

This is Gabe's sculpture.  He calls it Tahj Mahal at night.  Very cute, he gave it to me as  gift.
Sam has a strong desire to move to New Zealand when he is older.  Everything he has a choice in becomes about New Zealand.  When he got to choose what to do of course he choose something from there.  This is the Sky Tower in Auckland.  Sam calls it Sky Tower in a wind storm.
This was from the Story of the World lesson.  It was made by Sam and is called Napoleons Triangle.  Sam was excited at first to do it because the measurements were written in centimeters.  Like I said he wants to move to New Zealand, so he is trying to learn about the metric system.  
We went gluten free here about a year ago.  It has been challenging but overall we are really glad that we have.  The hardest part is the baked goods.  We love baking here and things just are usually not the same gluten free.  Well I have found a brownie recipe that you would never have a clue that it is gluten free.  It is one of our favorites if you could not tell.  LOL.  Check out the recipe here, you will be glad that you did.