Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Snow play

Sensory lessons are very big in our home.  We try to do a lot of things to help both boys, but Gabe in particular.  When he was younger he got diagnosed with Sensory integration and low muscle tone.  These activities really do help him.  Looking for ideas for a new activity I came across the idea for snow dough.
All you need is two ingredients,  Baking soda and conditioner.  You need 3 cups of baking soda to 1/2 cup of the conditioner.  So I got the nice big box for $2 at wal-mart. Even though all the other pictures have Gabe in it, Sam did play with it too.  Those are his hands, he is a teenage boy that hates having his picture taken.  He however did not have as much fun as Gabe did.
Once you added the ingredients simply mix to the right texture.  We did add a little bit extra on the conditioner to get the texture we wanted.
Once it was mixed he dumped it on a tray and began playing with his super heroes in the "snow".  He literally spent hours playing with it.  I had to tell him to clean up.  LOL

I did make clean up fun though.  Since there was conditioner in it, they wanted to see how the baking soda reacted with vinegar.  It was very sudsy.

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