Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Metric math chocolate style...

One of the things that we changed with the start of the new year was the math Sam was doing.  He had been working on Pre-Algebra and struggling with it.  We are not by any means done with it, just stepping away for a little bit then going to come back to it.  In the mean time he really wanted to learn the metric system.  Now we needed to learn fun ways to teach the metric system.
I think that his dad hit it out of the park on fun and yumminess for this lesson.  Using the ever trusty pinterest he found a recipe for Double Chocolate buns.  The recipe was written in Metrics, so for the lesson Sam had to convert it to US standards.  Then of course he had to make them to see if he did his math right.  We are a gluten free family so as an extra thing Sam transferred the recipe to be gluten free.
The buns turned out supper moist and really yummy.  He did a great job on them and they will definitely be on our make again list.  Here is the link to the actual recipe if you want to make it yourself.