Saturday, September 13, 2014

Civil War with a side of Nachos

 This is about the civil war lessons that the kids did yesterday.  We have started of our studies by reading and doing the projects from the civil war for kids book.  We only read 1 chapter and the boys did the 3 projects at the end of the chapter.  First up they made the Freedom Star Quilt. The directions were to make an actual size one, we did not need that though so I just had them draw out one.

Gabe's Quilt is on the left and Sam's is on the right.
After Designing the quilts the second project was to write a message in secret code they used during the war.  They each wrote a special message to their dad.

The third project they where supposed to dress themselves to look like the soldiers of each side.  I however do not have a whole lot of clothes from the 1860's lying around so I had to come up with a different idea.  I had the little wooden people shapes so I had them design them to look the soldiers.  The North is of course on the top and south on the bottom.  In each photo Gabe's is on the left and Sam's is on the right.

Finally our budding little chef  Gabe made us some nachos for lunch.  He was so proud of them because he did the whole meal himself.  He thought that they looked like a sun exploding.