Monday, September 08, 2014

A new start.....

I have been so busy and burning out quickly with everything going on in life I knew that something had to change.  I started looking back at the older entries and realized how much fun we use to have.  They activities were creative and playful.  It was time to get back to that.  I needed to get back to blogging because I would only want to post fun things so school will have to be fun.  Right?  It has to be right, makes sense to me.  We started back to school today so time to start testing that theory.
It started out kind of slow.  Each boy worked on learning about animal habitats.  Sam was assigned to design habitats for three different animals.  He needed to make sure that it had everything that the animal would need to survive.  For Gabe I found an adorable set on Teachers pay Teachers called Habitat for Sale.  It had some really great worksheets plus an adorable memory game.

I played the memory game with Gabe.  He was so excited to have gotten the first match against me.  Unfortunately his luck did not last and I beat him pretty bad at the game.  Look at how cute those cards were though.

I got time in with Gabe reading today.  Favorite thing of mine is snuggling with him while he reads.  I also wanted to make sure and share Sam's drawings with you. 
The Giraffe habitat
The Alligator habitat
The Green Tree Frog Habitat
So Check back to see what else we are doing.  The boys are looking forward to the rest of the fun we have scheduled.  Here is to a better School year then we have had in a long time.