Monday, September 22, 2014

A busy weird week

So this past week was crazy busy, and definitely weird.  The week started off great.  Rob and I got up early to hit the gym at the beginning of the week.  I took the following picture on the way there.  It was of the sun rise behind us.  I love the sun rises here they are truly beautiful.  I took this one as a good sign for the upcoming day.  It was a good day, then the simplest thing went wrong and it caused the week to become a little more unusual.
I was not fully prepared for the week and I was hurrying to get all prepared for the boys so they could stay on track.  However things fell apart when I ran out of ink.  I could not print or photocopy anything,  Since I really had no extra money right then I had to do things by hand instead of getting ink.  So with all my regular  work and teaching the kids I fell behind.
I took it as a good learning experience for the boys.  I wanted to show them that just because your planned idea of how something should go failed does not mean that it still can not happen.  You just need to change your method,  The above photo is how I got them their Story of the World maps.  I used tracing paper and copied it from the book.  Then hung it in the window to make it easier to trace on regular paper.  They got their maps still, just took me a little longer.  I had to make a couple other things by hand too, they got to see me never quit though.  I however am going to buy new ink tonight.