Thursday, August 18, 2011

Children of the World

I was busy trying to come up with a fun way to teach Gabe about geographical thinking.  Like where someone is located in the world what type of clothing they might wear.  I came aross the site  On it they had paper dolls for children of the world.  I thought that they would be perfect for Gabe except they are dolls.  He would destroy them so easily.  Then I got to thinking that I had some of those self adhesive magnet sheets.  Magnet dolls, PERFECT.  I am so glad that I found them, look how cute they are....
This is the Italian girl with extra clothing.

An Eskimo boy with his dog.

Hawaiian girl with extra accesories.
The Mexican boy all dressed up.

                                                          The Korean boy and all of his hats.

The first set that I made for him.
As you can see they were having so much fun playing with all of them that I ended up going and making more for them.  Well actually the rest of the set.  I would share all of them with you but that would be alot of pictures.  Instead I will share the link so that you can go make some for your little ones.  Here you go for the children of the world.

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