Thursday, December 09, 2010

Just a little ..... Jet pack!!!!

  I thought that I would share one of the new projects that I made for the boys.  A really cool Jet Pack!  What little boy does not want their own jet pack.  I have to admit this is not completely my idea.  While looking through the many amazing and wonderful craft blogs out there I came across this.  My only dilemma is that she made it out of recyclables (Gabe would destroy that in a heart beat),  So I designed it out of fabric so that it could last longer. 
I had problems attaching the two tubes together so I ended up hand stitching a panel in between.  This worked out, because it fit him better and now fits Sam.
To change it up a little I made wings for it too.  They are completely removable in case he does not want to have them on.  Which is a good thing because he does not like them on much, I think that I made them a little to small (oops!)

He had so much fun blasting around the park. 

So it turns out to be a great gift for the active kid in your life.  It would make a great present under the tree don't you think?

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