Sunday, February 28, 2010

Gabe's 7th Birthday

I am little late on posting this (ok you can stop laughing I know I am always late on my post). Well a few weeks ago it was Gabes birthday. (Feb. 12th that is) He wanted to have a monkey party for his birthday. So for my little monkey that it is what I tried to do.
This the monkey cake that I made this year. I am actually pretty pleased with the way that it turned out. I do think that it is my best one yet.
Of course the monkey came out during a play with big brother.

Of course he needed a new monkey for his collection. Daddy made him this one, I think that he was pleased with the turn out.
Sorry for the blurry picture but when the little monkey wanted to move, he moved. LOL
A new webkinz from his big brother. I believe the sound that came out at this point, was the howler monkey.
Some new monkey toys to play with.

Proudly showing off the new t-shirt that his dad made for him.

This is a onsie that Dh painted to go on the new monkey that he made for him.

This is the same monkey that he is holding in the picture above. His dad made it and he loves it.

These are the pajama pants that I made for him. Sorry aabout the bad picture. It is a combination of poor lighting and a child that never stays still. I actually made these out of one of his old top sheets. He loves them. He spends most of his days in them.
Well as you can see from the pictures he had a pretty good birthday. I am just pleased that i got this posted before the month ended. :0)

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