Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Silly times, puzzles, games, and even some music for good measure.....
Well as usual we are keeping plenty busy around here, so much so I think that it is driving us a little bit crazy. I mean check out Gabe's poor face when I said we had more work to do. LOL
He loves to pull out different games and make his toys play with him. He adapts it so there is rules for them. I love seeing this because he shows his creativity with the way that he plays it.
Sam has been working really hard on studying up about the human body. He has a book filled with different jigsaw puzzles about the body that is a fun way for him to learn about the body.
My silly little boy. He saw me stick a pen in my hair the other day while I was getting some work done. So of course he wanted to try it to, even though I explained his hair was to short though. He still wanted it done. I went and got one of the hair pieces from the bathroom and put it on him so he could stick it in that way. Well that was enough for him, he wanted it off, did not like that one bit.
This is our attempt to make colored sand. I tried it with the food dye. It looked really pretty but came off the hands as you can see. I am going to try and make some new ones today, this time with paint though. I will let you know how that goes.
I wanted to share this with everyone. Sam let his dad and I sleep in a little on Sunday. That was so nice. Well he kept his brother occupied and he built this to give to my grandmother. He is just so sweet. :)
Ok. Sam told me the other day that one of the reasons that he loves homeschooling so much is that he gets to have a say in some of the stuff he does. This was one of those projects that he had a say in. Can you tell how much he loves it. He made his own aboriginal click sticks out of paper towel rolls, all his idea. I think that they turned out so cute.
Have a great day!!!!


Rockin' Moroccan Mama said...

Go SAm!! He has a point about the whole having a say in his own homeschooling. Yes kids usually have to follow a certain schedule. Zachary loves to choose when he wants.

Amber said...

I love reading your blog because whenever I see Gabe being silly it puts a smile on my face.

Our sand hasn't put any color on the children's hands. I think it is odd that yours didn't work like ours. We used normal sand and a bit of food color and it worked well for us. I do wonder if it will run when Demi adds water to the sand. If ours gets messy when wet we will just use it up to make bottle sand art and sand candles and go back to regular sand in the sand box. Is the sand you used wet or dry? Did your children have wet hands? Water is the only thing I can think of that could be different. I hope it isn't water because we have our sand in our sand/water table when it warms up in PA and we add water to our water table I will have a rainbow colored Demi!

Sam did a very nice job on his click sticks! I have never heard of click sticks!

Kate in NJ said...

What great pics!
P is the same..she likes to make her own schedule when possible.
I try to allow it unless it's not possible.