Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Borax Crystals

My husband and I were trying to find a cool science project to do with the kids this weekend, We came across the borax crystals recipe. We found it in the book called Glues, Brews, and Goos. In case some one does not have the recipe and may want it, here you go

2/3 cup Borax
1 cup water
String( We used pipecleaners)
Wide mouth Jar
Something to hang string from top of jar

Step 1.Heat the water to boiling.
Step 2. add borax to the water and dissolve
step 3. carefully pour the solution into the jar
step 4. Suspend the string from a pencil on top of the jar into the solution.
step 5. Place where it will not be disturbed and wait for crystals. They should form over night.

We plan on doing this project with the kids over the weekend. I will post more pictures from what they do

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